Compare Benjamin Moore Colors from the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you've been to any paint store, you're no doubt familiar with color swatches - you know, the little cards that show you the various colors of paint available from a paint manufacturer.

These swatches can be incredibly helpful in informing your decision of the color of paint to purchase. They give a good indication of how a certain color will look alongside the other design elements of a room - your couch or curtains or rug.

But what if you had the swatches available at home, to help you narrow choices down even more before coming in to purchase your paint.

Our new website makes this possible with Benjamin Moore paints. Visit our Benjamin Moore page and you'll find a color selector widget, showing all the colors Benjamin Moore has available for you that we can tint right here at Town Line.

Remember that different computer screens have different settings, so the colors on your screen may not be be 100% exact (physical color swatches are still best for seeing exact absolute colors), but this tool is a big time saver to help narrow down your choices before visiting us.

Try it out today!