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5 Gallon Bucket


Constructed of durable polyethylene, this white bucket is ideal for storing and toting. The bucket holds up to 5 gallons of material that can be easily carried via the handle. This is a reliable, high quality container for a wide range of tasks and is built to endure heavy use.

  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Carry handle with comfort grip
  • 5 gallon capacity

Deep Plastic Tray #45

  • Solvent-resistant polypropylene
  • Molded rib design, ladder-hook legs
  • 2-quart capacity
  • Rust-proof black polypropylene, resists solvents
  • Dimension - 14 1/2 l x 11 w x 3 1/2 d in.

- SKU: LCST17099Solvent-resistant polypropylene. Molded rib design, ladder-hook legs. Size: 14-1/2" L x 11" W x 3-1/2" D.


Encore 6" Ecosmart Mini Roller Tray w/ Grid


Encore 82177 Green Ecosmart mini roller tray accommodates up to 6 roller and frame sizes. Also works well for paint trim pads/edgers/brushes. Easy to hold. Built in grid helps excess paint drain down. Made from recycled plastics. Solvent resistant and reusable.


Encore Plastic Deepwell Tray Liner Fits #45 Plastic Tray


Encore 3 Quart Plastic deepwell tray liner. Multi-purpose, solvent resistant tray. Deeper, professional tray holds more paint and reusable.


Encore Pro'Lin R Jr w/ Roller Grid 5 Quart


Our pail liner is a rugged, form-fitted plastic liner, which is thermoformed using durable polyethylene. Its seamless design of thick and evenly constructed walls and heavy contoured bottom help protect against leaks and spillage thus minimizing the risk of environmental contamination. Our pail liners can be used with liquids, pastes or powders of varying density or viscosity.


Encore Pail Liner 5 Quart

  • Great for quick color changes
  • Neatly discards for easy cost effective clean-up
  • Keeps your plastic and metal pails clean and reusable
  • Designed of thick and evenly constructed walls and heavy contoured bottom to help protect against leaks and spillage

Encore White Pail W/ Handle 2 Gallon


Encore pails are molded from a low melt HDPE to ensure the best possible impact strength and resistance to cracking. Provide high standard shipping capabilities, eliminating danger of product contamination or loss. Encore pails are widely used for paints, coatings, varnishes, water sealants, soaps and more. Strong, uniform wall thickness. Tapered design for easy separation. Resistant to cracking. Wire handle.


Encore White Tear Strip Gasketed Lid 2 Gallon


Tear-strip lid, secure and tamper-resistant, manufactured to provide protection of the contents through handling, storage and transportation. When the product reaches its final destination, the cover can be easily removed without cutting tools. Simply break the tab, strip-off the edge and open by hand.


Handy Pail Liner 6 Pack


The HANDy Paint Pail Liners offer efficient clean-ups and quick color changes. Designed with a perfect fit for the HANDy Paint Pail, these liners save time and mess.


Handy Paint Cup

  • Disposable cup holds up to a pint of paint
  • Built-in magnetic brush holder
  • Perfect for trim work and craft projects
  • Holds up to a pint of paint
  • No liners for this version

Handy Paint Pail

  • Magnetic brush holder

  • Adjustable strap makes it comfortable to hold

  • Solvent-resistant


Handy Paint Tray

  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to lift and carry around
  • Large sized tray eliminates the need for refills and avoids spill
  • Copolymer plastic material offers chemical resistance

Handy Paint Tray Liner 3 Pack

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic that is environment-friendly
  • Unique construction adds convenience to make color changes
  • Wide-mouth design makes it easy to clean and maintain

Handy Roller Cup Liner 4 Pack


The Handy Roller Cup liner is a custom fit design that fits the Handy Roller Cup (item 1600-CT).  Made of 100% recycled material.


Handy Roller Cup Pint


The Handy Roller Cup is the perfect disposable roller cup for use at home or work. It works with up to a 6" mini-roller with a built-in roller grid.  Features a comfortable handle and low, wide stance for sustainability.  Perfect for hand held use or on any flat surface. 9 5/8" x 9" x 4 1/8"


Wooster 21 " Big Ben Tray

  • All-in-one paint tray
  • Lighter than comparable metal paint trays
  • Excellent for 9 in., 14 in. and 18 in. frames

Wooster 4.5 " Jumbo-Koter Plastic Tray

  • Convenient for 4-1/2 in. Jumbo-Koter and other small rollers
  • Made of recylced plastic that is solvent resistant
  • Made in Wooster, Ohio USA

Wooster Big Ben Tray Liner

  • Designed for use with the BR412 big ben tray
  • Makes cleanup and color changes fast
  • 1 Gal. working capacity

Wooster BR414-14 Sherlock Bucket Tray

  • Use with liner for easy cleanup and to extend life of the tray
  • 1 Gal. capacity with side handles for easy moving
  • Best of a paint tray and a paint bucket all in one

Wooster BR415-14 Sherlock Bucket Tray Liner

  • Designed specifically for the Wooster sherlock bucket-tray
  • Use with all paints and epoxies
  • Extends the life of the paint tray

wooster R402 11" Metal Tray


The 9 in. Metal Roller Tray is designed for use with most standard 9 in. roller covers and frames. It holds up to 1-qt. of paint or stain. This tray features ladder legs for secure use on a ladder.


wooster Metal Tray Liner -fits R402 tray


When you have completed the painting project who wants to clean up the messy paint tray. With this form-fitting paint tray liner cleanup is much easier. Just toss it away and the tray clean-up is complete. The tray liner also extends the life of the paint tray.