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Exterior Primers

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High-Hiding All Purpose Primer

Our highest-performing 100% acrylic primer that delivers maximum hide and ensures uniform finish for all surfaces. This is the primer of choice when a significant color change is required.

  • Maximum hiding for interior surfaces
  • Excellent all-around stain blocker
  • Fast drying
  • Low VOC
  • Mildew resistant
  • Superior adhesion
  • Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology
$16.99 - $179.00

Multi-Purpose Latex Primer


A premium quality, 100% acrylic interior primer that adheres to nearly every surface. Enjoy the product's quick dry time and environmentally friendly low VOC.

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces
  • Quick drying
  • Easy application
  • Low VOC
  • Mildew resistant
  • Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology
$16.99 - $175.00

ARBORCOAT Exterior Oil Primer

  • Excellent for blocking tannins in extractive woods like redwood and cedar, can be tinted and generally used for dark colors
  • Provides a uniform surface for painting or staining
  • Seals porous surfaces and improves the bond over prepared chalky surfaces
  • Excellent hide and coverage
  • Provides stain-blocking properties
  • Download our how-to guide or watch our how-to video for tips on staining your deck using ARBORCOAT
  • View the sell sheet for more information

Exterior Wood Primer

A premium quality exterior alkyd primer that's perfect for new or previously coated wood, under white or light color stains or paint and where cedar and redwood bleeding may be encountered, for dark colors we may substitute Arborcoat alkyd 366 series primer.

  • Exterior alkyd primer with excellent adhesion
  • Seals uniformly for a smooth appearance prior to topcoat
  • Fast drying – same day recoat
$20.99 - $49.89

C3000 - Exterior Latex Primer


C3000 Exterior Latex Primer is a pure acrylic emulsion primer exhibiting excellent sealing and stain-blocking characteristics for application in most residential or commercial environments. C3000 is specifically formulated to seal most common exterior stains and will adhere tenaciously to a variety of surfaces.

$20.00 - $45.00

Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer

  • Excellent stain blocking and sealing
  • Strong adhesion
  • Low VOC (<50 g/l)
  • Fast dry to touch - under an hour
  • Mildew resistant coating
  • MPI Rating #6, #39 and #137
  • Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology
  • View the sell sheet for more information

Recommended for:
Designed for a wide range of interior and exterior projects.
$14.69 - $118.69

A9100 - Exterior Alkyd Primer

A9100 Exterior Alkyd Primer is a pure Soya Alkyd Primer exhibiting excellent sealing, stain blocking and mildew resistance characteristics for application in most residential or commercial environments. A9100 Exterior Alkyd Primer is specifically formulated to seal most common exterior stains and will adhere tenaciously to a variety of surfaces, favored by contractors because it can be accurately tinted to dark colors
$21.99 - $59.99

Alkyd Metal Primer

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Fast recoat
  • Excellent hiding quality
  • Excellent leveling properties
  • Rust preventative coating

Bin Shellac Based Primer

  • Premium shellac stain blocking primer with excellent adhesion
  • High hide sealer primer for tough pet, smoke and tobacco odors
  • Fast dry primer coating sticks to all surfaces without sanding


$10.99 - $48.99

Moorwhite Exterior Wood Primer


A premium quality exterior wood primer that penetrates deeply into a variety of wood surfaces and dries slowly to enable maximum adhesion even on weathered surfaces.

  • Premium exterior primer with maximum adhesion
  • Slow drying
  • Mildew resistant
  • Excellent hiding and leveling properties

Cover Stain Primer

  • Oil-Based primer seals, blocks stains and gives great adhesion
  • Requires no sanding, hides dark colors and prevents tannin bleed
  • Fast drying, stain killing primer can be coated in 1 hour



$5.99 - $26.99

C1000 - C2 One Primer

  • C1000 is a 100% acrylic stain blocking primer/sealer designed for multiple interior/exterior uses.
  • C2 One’s terrific adhesion makes application to direct to metal surfaces such as galvanized, aluminum and properly prepared steel easy.
  • C2 One blocks most stains from water, grease, oil, crayon and ink.
  • C2 One may be top-coated with all types of latex architectural finishes.

Multi-Purpose Oil Based Primer

A premium quality alkyd primer is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. It can be used over oil or latex paint and performs equally well under all Benjamin Moore architectural finish coats.

  • Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces
  • Excellent hide
  • Stain blocker
$18.99 - $46.99

Dark Tones

$40.00 - $115.00

Full Gloss

$40.00 - $125.00

Mid Tones

$40.00 - $115.00

Red & Warm Tones

$40.00 - $115.00

White & Light Tones

$40.00 - $115.00

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