PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear Adhesive QT


PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear is a commercial grade wallcovering adhesive designed for contractors. PRO-838 provides excellent adhesion and can be used to install medium-weight to heavyweight wallcoverings.

Recommended Use

  • For installing medium-weight to heavyweight wallpaper, such as commercial vinyl and wall carpet

Key Features

  • Heavy duty, clear adhesive – provides extra tack to hang heavier weight wallpaper
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Long working time – allows for easy adjustments
  • Provides slip – allowing for easy positioning of wallpaper on the wall
  • Applies easily with a paint roller, brush, or pasting machine
  • Cleans up easily with water
  • Ready-to-use – smooth, thick consistency
  • Dries clear
  • Covers up to 300 square feet per gallon
  • VOC (Actual): < 1%
  • VOC (Regulatory): < 5 g/L
Sale price$11.99

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